About us

On 18 December 1980 Mieke De Baerdemaeker bought a pub called ‘De Vosse Duif’, named after the pigeon association that had been established there some time ago. Four years later, after completing her training as a caterer in night school, she decided to expand the pub with a restaurant. The ground floor had enough space to accommodate 50 guests and another room on the first floor with a terrace was available for festive occasions for up to 30 guests.

At the beginning of the following decade Mieke decided to expand the kitchen because the existing space was starting to burst at the seams. And she didn’t stop at that. On 18 December 1995 the renovated Alsput opened with not only a brand-new kitchen but also an extensive pub that would now be able to accommodate 40 guests, a restaurant with a maximum capacity of 120 diners and 7 comfortably furnished hotel rooms on the first floor.

Her daughter Hilde Anthoons has since joined her in running the business. Mieke and Hilde, assisted by Chef Nando Hemelinckx and the entire Alsput team, are here to ensure that all their guests’ wishes are fulfilled each and every day.